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2 Bottle Hanging Wild Bird Feeder Kits

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Gadjit Outdoors



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2 Soda Bottle Wild Bird Hanging Feeder Kits Color: Black You get 2 of this item! Kits Turn an Empty Soda Bottle into a Seed Feeder for Wild Birds! Soda Bottle Hanging Feeder™ consists of a green base, perch, and hanger. The base screws onto the neck of a plastic soda bottles filled with bird seed. Free filling funnel included. Easy to hang. Fun for all ages. Bird watching is the perfect way to enjoy quality leisure time with family or friends or during your own quiet moments.With a flick of the wrist, our Wild Bird Soda Bottle Feeders™ instantly transform empty plastic soda bottles into a whole flock of bird feeders! Just finish off your soda and fill the clean, empty bottle with bird seed or nectar. Now twist on the feeder base, place outdoors, then kick back and enjoy your own personal "air show!" MADE IN USA [These feeders work best with 20 oz and 2-liter soda bottles rather than water bottles that have a narrower neck. Coke has recently introduced a new 24 oz bottle that also has a narrow neck. Be sure to remove the "seal ring" off the bottle you plan to use.] Soda Bottles Not Included Check out my other items!