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For those that are oblivious to this fact, it should be noted that people feeding birds are actually very vibrant and active as the process of feeding birds is particularly challenging.

Furthermore, it is much more engaging when compared with many other leisurely activities like watching TV. For one, it is expected that you will leave your comfort zone to engage in this pastime.

While regular TV lovers will sit in front of the television all day, it should be noted that people that feed birds would go the extra mile of journeying to the distant locations to engage in this activity.


Different Kinds of Species and Birds Food

In addition to the fact that exploring different species of birds in your location can be very engaging and fun. It should be noted that you are likely to find many wonderful species of birds. In addition, you will be able to feed them using a garden bird feeding station in your backyard.

Saying that, it is a very healthy leisurely undertaking. Given the aforesaid, you will definitely have to figure out the food preferences of each of the species of bird.

It should be pointed out that all species of birds do not all eat the same kind of bird food. With that being said, you will have to research on an ideal bird food for each of the bird species you that will be attracted to your garden bird feeding station.


Sunflower seeds are one of the most pervasive types of bird food and it is eaten by a wide variety of birds. Chickadees, juncos, songbirds, cardinals, sparrows, and much more would certainly love to ingest some tasty sunflower seed.

One other bird food that is quite popular is the Thistle seed. This bird food is well-suited to a wide variety of birds. As long as it’s avian, there is a heightened chance that it would enjoy thistle seeds.


There are some birds that feed on certain bird foods exclusively. Like the woodpecker, flickers and Nuthatches are exclusively attracted to suet.


How to Get Started?

If you are looking to feed these birds with any other bird feed asides from the suet, you can be sure that they would not come close or eat the bird food.

If you want a pleasurable experience while feeding birds, it is expected that you do our research before making it your pastime.

You can always find a friend that enjoys feeding birds too as this is a great way to bond over a mutually shared hobby while learning new things at the same time.

Like every other undertaking, the art of feeding birds begins with a step. It is always expected that you will evolve into being an expert with times and consistency.

However, always remember to research the right bird food. Getting sufficient garden bird feeding station is always a step in the right direction.

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