Maintaining A Comfy Surrounding And Hygiene Of The Backyard Bird Feeding Stations

backyard bird feeding stations

Taking Care Of Backyard Bird Feeding Stations

The leisurely activity of watching birds is a very fun thing to do. It offers a gateway to real the mind and body while giving ample opportunity for introspection and meditation.

However, it should be noted that the surroundings have to be hygienic while people are watching as this almost perfect leisurely activity could become dangerous to the body. Having a backyard bird feeding station is imperative.


It is expected that when you have a lot of birds at your backyard bird feeding stations, there will be a lot of droppings and feathers. While these things could be great, they could also be harmful if not well managed.


Having a backyard bird feeding stations comes with the responsibility of ensuring the environment is clean and suitable for birds.

It is imperative and lies in the hands of the owner of the bird’s feeding station. In addition to having a clean bird feeder, the following practices should be adopted.



Maintaining Bird Feeders Hygiene Is Crucial

It is imperative that you sanitize the surrounding with a bleach mixture on a weekly basis. This procedure should be carried out more frequently when it is cold in the winter.

It is also common to find that the backyard bird feeding stations have seeds that have been left to decay. It is advisable that you also get rid of these seeds on a weekly basis.

That would prevent the explosion of germs and other dangerous bacteria. In view of this, it is equally expected that bird food is kept in a very safe place.


It is best that you keep bird food in clean bags while ensuring that water doesn’t come close to it. If bird food is exposed to water, they would rotten after a while and will no longer be suitable t be fed to birds.

It should be noted that the various bird food has its peculiarities. For instance, the suet should not be given to birds in large quantities during the dry season. This would increase the likelihood of making the birds unhealthy.

There are instances where you will find unhealthy birds in the surroundings of the bird’s feeding station. This often occurs because birds are often susceptible to illnesses that cause them to die.


It is expected that you get rid of dead birds from the surroundings as failure to this could jeopardize the lives of humans and birds alike.

When you adhere to the aforementioned rules, you can be sure to maintain a surrounding that is very well-suited to birds and humans alike.


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