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Types of Wild Bird Feeders and Which One to Choose

Types of Wild Bird Feeders and Which One to Choose

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What Exactly Wild Bird Feeders Are?

Wild birds are of great importance to the ecosystem and that is probably the cry of the whole world. They not only help in maintaining the ecosystem they play a very vital role in the geographical ecosystem.

In fact, we have an ear to the news; you will realize that many of them belong to the endangered species making it our responsibility to help them build up the ecosystem.

We as human being love the birds for their aesthetic beauty. For the vocals they produce, and the colors they add up to nature.

This becomes the primary reason that you will see many of us, spending quite a bit of our fortune on just observing them. In fact, you can sight a lot of birds with a lot of knowledge and a passion to see the same.


Wild bird feeders, as the name itself suggests is basically meant for wild birds. They are little different from the normal feeders that are now available in the market because they cater to wild birds. These feeders bring the elusive birds into our backyard.


Things to Remember about Wild Bird Feeders

As said earlier, these are a different population that we are catering to, they are wild birds are not easily accessible. A slight bit of research work on the type of food they eat and the seeds they like will help you and me to get the best of the wildlife in our own backyard.

Help prevent competition, the squirrels easily ranks as the number one competitor. Check the flora and fauna of the region, the greener and the denser it is, it attracts a lot of birds in and around the area.


They are easily maintainable and do not incur a lot of expenses, making this one of its major advantages. One should see that you do not compromise on the quality of the wild bird feeders as these can be really harmful to the birds. The quality should also be such that it fights against all the kinds of weathers.


Things to Consider When Buying Wild Bird Feeders

When you plan to buy a new bird feeder, the first thing you notice is that it is not very expensive; secondly check for the cracks, rust or any kind of loose-fitting inside.

If these things are not checked they can really harmful to you as well as the birds. Once you have mounted or hanged the wild bird feeders further inspect it, as there are things which might not come to the naked eye.


One should always keep in mind that with the utilization of wild bird feeders, you are not only contributing to nature, you are helping in building up a geographical ecosystem.

You are providing them with a safe and secure environment by providing them with the food and nuts. A probable increase in the number of wild birds is always a good thought to cherish.

Looking at the expenses you will incur, which is a bare minimum, the maintenance required will also be negligible wonder why should we not invest in bird feeders.


Types of Wild Bird Feeders

There are several different types of wild bird feeders. Each type of bird feeder feeds a different species of birds. Having an idea of what species of birds one would like to attract will make the decision of which kind of feeder one would choose.

Many people interested in wild birds will opt to choose several different types of bird feeders, thereby, attracting several different species of birds.


1. Ground Feeders are no Feeders at All

Species that like to feed off the ground are bobwhites, doves, juncos, and sparrows. All one must do is scatter seeds over the ground or scatter seeds over a tree stump or low table.

The drawback with ground feeding is that it is unsanitary and that it attracts rodents. However, if the seeds are scattered on concrete, concrete can be disinfected and sanitized.


2. Tube Feeders are Hung from Trees or Mounted on a Post

They are tubes that are plastic lined with perches and feeding ports that are filled with seed. Thistle tube feeders have very small openings for the dispersing of thistle seed to species such as siskins and redpolls.

Sunflower tube feeders attract larger species such as grosbeaks and nuthatches. Goldfinches and chickadees are examples of wild birds who will feed on either type of tube feeder.

Wild birds feeders with black oil sunflower can be used to attract all of the above species plus woodpeckers and titmice.


3. Tray Feeders, also Known as Platform Feeders are Open Trays that Have Raised Edges

A drainage hole is used to prevent the seeds from rotting. Ground-feeding species such as cardinals, purple finches, titmice, jays, starlings, grackles, doves, evening grosbeaks, juncos, grouse, and doves will all use tray feeders. The feeders should be placed close to the ground.


4. Hoppers Look Like a Small House with a Roof that Covers a Storage Area for Seed

This type of feeder attracts large, seed-eating birds such as woodpeckers, cardinals, grosbeaks and blue jays. These wild bird feeders should be hung from a tree or mounted on a post.


5. Suet Feeders will Attract Wrens, Thrashers, Woodpeckers, Starlings, Nuthatches, Chickadees and Cardinals

Using these wild bird feeders in combination will assure you a large selection of birds visiting your backyard and providing you with great entertainment as you explore the delightful world of bird watching.


Use a Wild Bird Feeder to Attract Wild Birds and Maintain Ecological Balance

The environment in the backyard is incomplete without the fleet of wild birds. They complete the natural setting perfectly and enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings.

These beautiful creatures are highly essential in order to obtain a balance in the ecological system especially in the current situation we find ourselves in.


It is therefore sad that many of the birds you see in your backyard may be on the verge of extinction. Preserving these birds is in the best interests of protecting our environment in order to maintain the required balance.

There are many colorful birds which are a delight to the eye and even add to the beauty of your backyard. A suitable feeder can work wonders to keep your backyard full of these wonderful creatures with special qualities.

Such a feeder is perfect to facilitate the entry of these creatures to your backyard and ultimately helps in achieving the greater goal of maintaining the ecological balance.


Wild Birds have their Own Requirements

Wild birds are different from the normal ones that are seen commonly in various places. Their requirements are also different that has to be fulfilled.

Wild bird feeders should be chosen accordingly to suit the needs of these creatures. This is the only way to attract them without doing a lot. The seeds you choose for feeding them play a huge role in bringing the wild birds to your backyard.

They will definitely be content if they are provided specific types of food. Find the favorable food substance and lure them to your backyard with complete ease.


A thinly dense area will not attract as many wild birds as a denser green region will. More plants and fruits are used for the purpose of attraction.

These are not costly to maintain and have many benefits for the ecological balance as well. It is sensible to keep away the squirrels as they pose a threat to wild birds.

Wild bird feeders should not cause harm to these creatures in any manner. It should be well fitted without any loose interiors so that the wild birds can perch on it comfortably.


Getting a good bird feeder will help obtain a better number of visitors and keep them coming back. The food provided should be catered to the needs of these special birds.

This will help in increasing the number of these rare creatures and contribute to nature at the same time. Buy one today and change the atmosphere of your environment.

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How to Feed Birds in Summer with Wild Bird Feeding Stations

How to Feed Birds in Summer with Wild Bird Feeding Stations

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The leisurely activity of feeding birds can be very rewarding with tremendous benefits for the mind and body. People that engage in bird feeding often become very engrossed with the practice. It gives most people a sense of worth and a feeling of being relevant.

Birds are often gravely affected by unsavory weather considerations. While birds are most affected in the wintertime when the weather is very cold. It should be noted that summer season also comes with very unsavory consequences as well.


Variety of Birds During The Seasons

Having wild bird feeding stations that caters to all sorts of birds in various seasons is always the best approach to feeding birds. There are certain birds that would come around during winter and be away during summer.

In similar fashion, there are birds that will come around during summer and be away during winter. Often times, the kinds of bird that come around on various seasons would determine the type of bird food that you fill your wild bird feeding stations with.

For instance, it is expected that you see more of hummingbirds, orioles, tanagers, and woodpeckers. With this knowledge, it is expected that your wild bird feeding stations are filled with bird food that caters to the needs of these birds.

It is advisable, that you know what diet is well-suited to the various bird. There are birds that may require mire of nectar than seeds. Ultimately, you will be required to research and find out what bird food is ideal for the various birds. There are birds that eat a lot of insects like the woodpecker for stance.

You can create a suitable environment for birds to feed when you have nice summer fruits. There are birds that feed on fruits heavily. Having trees with decent fruits is a great way to attract birds to your yard.

In similar fashion, you can also plant flowers in the garden to attract birds that enjoy the taste of sweet nectar.


Feeding Birds in Summer

When it comes to catering for birds in the summer season, you should have everything from insects to fruits, seeds, and nectar.

It is often expected that you won’t have as many birds in summer coming over for a treat like you would in winter.

The reason for this is because birds are usually nesting and breeding in the summertime. Nonetheless, it is expected that you are adequately prepared to cater the diverse species of birds that would come to your yard.


Having wild bird feeding stations is an effective way to feed birds. However, it is always a great idea to supplement this with trees and gardens.

Creating a conducive environment for birds to come and the nest is pivotal. When you have the right environment, you can be sure that you will pull an extensive variety of bird species to your house.


Watching birds feed can be a delight as their presence often gives homes a majestic and idyllic atmosphere. Water is an important part of the summer as most birds would be parched from the heat.

If you don’t want birds dying from heat exhaustion, it is advisable that you get create room for birds to have water in your feeding station.

Once you observe all of the aforementioned requirements, you can be sure that you are actively participating in making the world very conducive to live in.

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Tips to Maintaining The Wild Bird Feeder

Tips to Maintaining The Wild Bird Feeder

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Maintaining Your Wild Bird Feeder is Essential

Ensuring the upkeep of wild bird feeder is imperative for a healthy and hygienic environment. More importantly, sanitizing these instruments would ensure that the birds are well-fed and healthy.

Failure to keep your wild bird feeder clean could result in many unsavory events. For instance, it should be noted that dirt and an unhygienic would deter birds from eating the bird food.

Also, there are instances in which unclean instruments would contaminate the bird food and make it toxic to birds thus resulting in the death of birds.


If you are indeed passionate about watching birds, it is expected that you keep the instruments in premium condition so that the birds remain strong and virile.

There are many things that must be done to make sure that your instruments are in great condition to feed birds. Some of the various considerations and procedures that must be engaged in are contained below.


It is advisable that you put the instrument in a secure place where birds can feed without any hassle or inconvenience. One of the best locations for putting this tool should be your backyard.

It would be unfavorable to have it placed at the front of your home. For one, there would be a disturbance from incoming guests.

Also, the birds would become more likely to deface your home as startled birds are often predisposed to leave their droppings everywhere.


Protecting The Birds

It is expected that you protect your birds from any danger and one of such dangers are bird predators. Furthermore, it is quite common to see hawks hovering around your vicinity when you have birds coming to feed.

In addition, it is advisable that you get rid of such bird predators by suspending your wild bird feeder temporarily.


If you want to have this incredible tool, it is expected that you are ready for the responsibilities that come with the terrain.

It should be noted that you may be required to ensure that your bird food is stored in premium condition. When bird food is exposed to water, it would become bad and unhealthy for a bird to feed on.


It should be noted that birds are prone to a variety of illness. Given the aforesaid, the utmost importance should be placed on the way in which you handle it. It is expected that it is sanitized at least once in a week to make sure that it is great for birds to feed on.

When it comes to feeding birds with this instrument, it is expected that you have at least three of them with different bird food to cater to the variety of bird species that would be coming to feed.

More so, it should be noted that some birds require much neatness than others. For instance, the hummingbird tray should be sanitized more regular in comparison to others.



You have to make up your mind about whether you want to feed birds or not. If you are very passionate about watching birds and keeping them alive during the cold weather, it is expected that you should be able to sanitize it from time to time. More so, it is expected that you research on the peculiarities of the various bird species that you intend to feed.


When you are well acquainted with the peculiarities of the various birds and what types of bird food are well-suited to them, you will be better equipped to keep them healthy and strong.

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Maintaining a Comfy Surrounding and Hygiene of The Backyard Bird Feeding Stations

Maintaining a Comfy Surrounding and Hygiene of The Backyard Bird Feeding Stations

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Taking Care of Backyard Bird Feeding Stations

The leisurely activity of watching birds is a very fun thing to do. It offers a gateway to real the mind and body while giving ample opportunity for introspection and meditation.

However, it should be noted that the surroundings have to be hygienic while people are watching as this almost perfect leisurely activity could become dangerous to the body. Having a backyard bird feeding stations is imperative.


It is expected that when you have a lot of birds at your backyard bird feeding stations, there will be a lot of droppings and feathers. While these things could be great, they could also be harmful if not well managed.

Having a backyard bird feeding stations comes with the responsibility of ensuring the environment is clean and suitable for birds.

It is imperative and lies in the hands of the owner of the birds feeding station. In addition to having a clean bird feeder, the following practices should be adopted.


Maintaining Bird Feeders Hygiene is Crucial

It is imperative that you sanitize the surrounding with bleach mixture on a weekly basis. This procedure should be carried out more frequently when it is cold in the winter.

It is also common to find that the backyard bird feeding stations have seeds that have been left to decay. It is advisable that you also get rid of these seeds on a weekly basis.

That would prevent the explosion of germs and other dangerous bacteria. In view of this, it is equally expected that bird food is kept in a very safe place.


It is best that you keep bird food in clean bags while ensuring that water doesn’t come close to it. If bird food is exposed to water, they would rotten after a while and will no longer be suitable t be fed to birds.

It should be noted that the various bird food has their peculiarities. For instance, the suet should not be given to birds in large quantities during the dry season. This would increase the likelihood of making the birds unhealthy.

There are instances where you will find unhealthy birds in the surroundings of the birds feeding station. This often occurs because birds are often susceptible to illnesses that cause them to die.


It is expected that you get rid of dead birds from the surroundings as failure to this could jeopardize the lives of humans and birds alike.

When you adhere to the aforementioned rules, you can be sure to maintain a surrounding that is very well-suited to birds and humans alike.

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Attracting Wildlife to Your Garden During The Cold Season Wild Birds Feeders

Attracting Wildlife to Your Garden During The Cold Season Wild Birds Feeders

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When it comes to feeding birds, the first line of action would be to get suitable wild birds feeders that adequately caters to the feeding needs of all of the birds that it would attract.

It should be noted that this amazing equipment can be found in an assortment of sizes and structures. Ultimately, it is expected that you select an equipment that is well adapted to your bird feeding expectations. If you are looking to feed a lot of birds, it is only expected that you get a gigantic equipment.

More so, if you are looking to feed a variety of bird species, you will want to get an equipment that has a partitioning. This would allow you to pour various kinds of bird foods in different sections of the equipment.


Feeding Birds During The Cold Season

The cold weather can bring about many unsavory ramifications for most animals. Unlike humans, animals are not well adapted to cope with extreme cold.

For birds, they often struggle with getting food and most of them die from starvation before the cold season is over. If you are passionate about feeding birds, it is absolutely imperative that you get wild birds feeders.


I have been noted that having this equipment in your house would go a long way to prevent the mortality rate of birds.

When you are able to provide food for birds during the cold season, you can be sure that you are actively involved in keeping the ecosystem balanced.

Interestingly, people that have bird feed in their gardens often benefit immensely. Their plants would flourish because of birds dropping in their soil. There is always an inclination to want to invite people to see the birds in your home environment.

However, it should be noted that you will allow the birds get comfortable with from your equipment before you allow kids and other folks to come and watch your birds feed.



One of the best ways to get birds to flock to your equipment is to make sure that you have a variety of bird food. Also, it would help if your environment is well-suited for birds to come around.

Trees and plans are always a great way to draw birds. Always remember to make a variety of bird food available in the wild birds feeders.

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How to Create a Homemade Bird Feeding Station?

How to Create a Homemade Bird Feeding Station?

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If you are a lover of birds, you would certainly love to create your homemade bird feeding station. If you are wondering why a homemade bird feeding station is a fantastic thing to create, then you will find out why as soon as you have one.

A bird feeding station and bird feeder could be in the surroundings of your house. All things considered, having a homemade bird feeding station is the best approach to getting the best of birds feeding excitement.


Creating a Homemade Bird Feeding Station

If you love feeding birds, you can be sure that this is the best way to go. The process of creating a homemade bird feeding station could be challenging. Furthermore, it should be noted that it would attract a lot of birds once it is created.

Once you have birds hovering around your home, they would certainly nourish your soil and make the ground very fertile. If you have a garden, this is certainly a great way to make your plants flourish.

Form the aforesaid, it is apparent that a homemade bird feeding station offers a variety of benefits. It would make your soil very fertile which is great for your lawn or plants.

More so, you will be able to engage in your cherished pastime while entertaining a lot of kids who would love to see a variety of birds.


You can think of it as having your own mini bird zoo. However, it should be pointed out that you do not have the birds confined to the area. They simply come around when they want to feed.

One of the best and most efficient approaches to this is to saturate your homemade bird feeding station and wild birds feeder with a variety of bird food.


Feeding Birds is Exciting

Once you have this in place, you can be sure that it will attract a lot of birds and your environment will constantly be filled with birds.

Indeed, you will have a matchless sense of worth and purpose with the realization that you are keeping birds alive during the cold season.

More so, you can be sure that your home would attract a lot of neighbors and visitors who would love to see an extensive variety of birds come around to fee.

Having a tree or trees in your environs is definitely the icing on the cake. This would make your home a fantastic habitat for birds. They would rather just stay in the trees when they are done feeding as opposed to flying away. The secret is to ensure that you have the right bird food.

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How to Choose a Suitable Birds Food for Your Garden Bird Feeding Station?

How to Choose a Suitable Birds Food for Your Garden Bird Feeding Station?

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For those that are oblivious to this fact, it should be noted that people feeding birds are actually very vibrant and active as the process of feeding birds is particularly challenging.

Furthermore, it is much more engaging when compared with many other leisurely activities like watching TV. For one, it is expected that you will leave your comfort zone to engage in this pastime.

While regular TV lovers will sit in front of the television all day, it should be noted that people that feed birds would go the extra mile of journeying to the distant locations to engage in this activity.


Different Kinds of Species and Birds Food

In addition to the fact that exploring different species of birds in your location can be very engaging and fun. It should be noted that you are likely to find many wonderful species of birds. In addition, you will be able to feed them using a garden bird feeding station in your backyard.

Saying that, it is a very healthy leisurely undertaking. Given the aforesaid, you will definitely have to figure out the food preferences of each of the species of bird.

It should be pointed out that all species of birds do not all eat the same kind of bird food. With that being said, you will have to research on an ideal bird food for each of the bird species you that will be attracted to your garden bird feeding station.


Sunflower seeds are one of the most pervasive types of bird food and it is eaten by a wide variety of birds. Chickadees, juncos, songbirds, cardinals, sparrows, and much more would certainly love to ingest some tasty sunflower seed.

One other bird food that is quite popular is the Thistle seed. This bird food is well-suited to a wide variety of birds. As long as it’s avian, there is a heightened chance that it would enjoy thistle seeds.


There are some birds that feed on certain bird foods exclusively. Like the woodpecker, flickers and Nuthatches are exclusively attracted to suet.


How to Get Started?

If you are looking to feed these birds with any other bird feed asides from the suet, you can be sure that they would not come close or eat the bird food.

If you want a pleasurable experience while feeding birds, it is expected that you do our research before making it your pastime.

You can always find a friend that enjoys feeding birds too as this is a great way to bond over a mutually shared hobby while learning new things at the same time.

Like every other undertaking, the art of feeding birds begins with a step. It is always expected that you will evolve into being an expert with times and consistency.

However, always remember to research the right bird food. Getting sufficient garden bird feeding station is always a step in the right direction.

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The Use of Wild Birds Feeder in The Winter Season

The Use of Wild Birds Feeder in The Winter Season

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Bird Feeding During The Cold Season with Wild Birds Feeder

While it is always expected that birds would be around all year long, it is often observed that certain birds are commonly found in certain seasons. In other cases, you will notice that certain birds engage in certain activities during certain times of the year.

One of these activities that I find particularly engaging is feeding patterns of birds in the cold season. One of the most colorful spectacles of the cold season is observing birds in all of their majestic splendor. You can easily engage in the pastime of feeding birds with wild birds feeder.

You will find that the birds would be more than willing to come closer so that you can feed them. Feeding birds I the cold season is one of the best activities you can engage in. While many argue that folks that feed birds are boring, in actuality the opposite holds true.

The process of feeding birds is an art and should be treated accordingly. More so, there are many psychological and physical benefits that accrue to folks that watch birds feed.

If you are eager to join the club, you should know that you will require more than just bird food to begin. There are many other things that you need to learn about in order to become great at this activity. One of the most basic requirements is a wild birds feeder.


Identifying Birds

The first line of action would be to identify the right type of bird food for the various species of birds during the cold season.

Not all birds feed on the same kind of seeds so it is imperative that you do your research to find out. There is a variety of bird food for the various bide species. For instance, it is quite common for most species of bird to enjoy millet.

However, there are certain birds that would favor other types of bird food.  A wild birds feeder is also imperative as it facilitates the feeding process.


Essentially, it is your obligation to make sure that you get a suitable bird food for the birds that flock to your favorite park or your home. First, you would have to identify the bird species.

This would be followed by getting a bird food that is well-suited to the bird. Once you get started with this pastime, you can be sure that I would be a part of you’re a very long time.

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Wild Bird Feeding Station and Different Types of Birds Food

Wild Bird Feeding Station and Different Types of Birds Food

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Explore Variety of Birds Coming to Your Backyard

As opposed, going to a park to feed a handful of birds, you can actually cater to the needs of hundreds of birds with the use of a wild bird feeding station.

Interestingly, wild bird feeding station does not require your involvement in the feeding process. All that is required is for you to set it up and then make it available to birds.

You would be pleased to find that having a wild bird feeding station would also afford you the opportunity of having an extensive variety of birds coming over to feed.

It is quite easy to create a wild bird feeding station. All that is required is a wild birds feeder and a variety of bird food. It should be noted that not all birds eat the same kind of bird food.

It is therefore expected that you have the variety of bird food that would appeal to the various birds that will be coming to feed.


The more you incorporate an assortment of bird food, the more you will find an assortment of bird species. It is advisable to make certain that you create a suitable environment. This will accommodate the birds that will be coming over.

For instance, having a garden or trees are always going to heighten the desirability of your wild bird feeding station.


Suitable Food and Environment

It should be noted that while having the right assortment of bird food is imperative. Furthermore, it would also help that your bird feeders are well-designed to cater to a variety of bird species.

Having a wild birds feeder that caters to the different sizes and species of birds that would be coming to feed is always a great way to draw many birds.


It would help that you make precision for the water as well. Just in case you are wondering what the birds need water for, let me put out that birds need to drink water too.

They need water for the same reason as the most living organism. In light of the information, your wild bird feeding station should have provisions for water as well.

It is advisable that you create a garden environment. This would encourage a bird to come over in search of nectar while nourishing your sol at the same time. Essentially, having a wild bird feeding station only requires that you are passionate about birds.

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